The Harper regime hit a wall today in it's ongoing battle with the public interest and letting you know what they are doing with your tax dollars.

"Speaker Peter Milliken has found the Conservatives in contempt of Parliament, handing powerful ammunition to opposition claims the Harper government’s autocratic behaviour represents an abuse of power...a powerful rebuke.

The Liberals asked Mr. Milliken to rule on whether International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda misled Parliament when she said she did not know who had altered a document that deprived a foreign-aid group of funding. Ms. Oda later told Parliament that it was she who had ordered the document be changed...The Liberals also accused the government of failing to provide sufficient information about the costs of its...prisons."

And of course, John "Bev Oda is doing a great job" Oda was standing behind his backroom political bosses and not standing up for the taxpayers and families of Ottawa West-Nepean, who deserve an MP who listens to them, and stands up for everyday concerns like the family budget and not handing out tax breaks to big corporations.