Happy Birthday Anita!

A Very Happy Birthday to Anita from the entire Youth for Anita team! Have a great day. 

You know you spend a lot of time at Tim Hortons when the wonderful staff make you a makeshift donut cake for your birthday! Made my day!

That Tim Horton's cake you got looks great!

Today is Anita's 43rd birthday. Wish her a happy birthday with a donation to the Ottawa-West-Nepean Federal Liberal association to help her become the next Member of Parliament for our riding!  You can donate here. 

All of your Team Anita updates in one place!

The incredible momentum of Team Anita has not slowed down one bit since winning the Liberal nomination for Ottawa West-Nepean last month. Anita has kept busy attending events in the community and reaching out to constituents!

Campaign training and door -to-door  canvassing is also in full swing! You can help lay the groundwork for a  successful campaign and big Liberal win in  2015. If you want to be part of our winning team and help elect an amazing  Member of Parliament in 2015, get started by sending a quick email to info@electanita.ca. Anita brings to the table a blend of impressive international credentials as an expert on democracy and human rights, along with a a refreshing personal and grassroots approach to politics.

Here's a pic from the latest "train the trainers" session, hosted by our regional Liberal party fieldworker. Come out to learn how you can help us win in Ottawa West-Nepean!

What a week of of inspiring women! On Monday Anita was invited by MP Yvonne Jones for lunch on Parliament Hill with fellow Ottawa Liberal candidates Karen McCrimmon and Catherine McKenna. That evening Anita was a guest of Hon. Bob Chiarelli for the Trillium dinner with Premier Kathleen Wynne.  To finish up an amazing week, Anita was the keynote speaker for the University of Ottawa Equal Voice chapter "She will Run" series to encourage women in politics. Anita spoke about her experience working with women all around the world on women's political participation. Anita has been a longtime supporter of Equal Voice and is passionate about encouraging more women to enter political life. What an amazing group of young women and men who came out! .Let's help change the status quo...here's to supporting more women in politics! 
Lunch with MP Yvonne Jones and fellow Liberal candidates          Karen McCrimmon and Catherine McKenna, November 24th 2014

Trillium Dinner with the Hon. Bob Chiarelli and 
Premier Kathleen Wynne

       "She Will Run"series keynote speaker, November 27th 2014

This past Wednesday Anita attended the "Unpacking our Voting System" event at the First Unitarian Church, hosted by Fair Vote Canada and the Ottawa Action Network. A wonderful skit by the Lakeside Players and speech by Elizabeth May. We need to reform our electoral system to make it more fair. The turn-out tonight shows that many others agree. Let's have more events like this to create more dialogue.

We ARE the winning team!

We won!!! Thanks so much to my amazing team and to all the members of the Ottawa West-Nepean Federal Liberal Association for putting your confidence in me. Now the hard work begins! I am so proud to be joining Team Justin Trudeau - Anita Vandenbeld

On behalf of the entire Youth for Anita team, congratulations Anita! We are so proud to be supporting you in your journey to become the next Member of Parliament for Ottawa West-Nepean.  You are truly an inspiration. Your tremendous effort has payed off , but like you said ..." Now the hard work begins!". We need to keep this momentum, organization and energy going into the general election in 2015. Now with Anita as our formidable candidate, we can win big and turn this riding RED next year! Thank you to all the incredible volunteers and supporters who helped make this possible, and thanks to all of the nomination contestants for  a spirited race. 

Now, check out this amazing picture (my personal favorite so far):

More to come (including pictures from the big day)... stay tuned!

Youth for Anita Team

ps. can't wait for the team photo after we win in Ottawa West-Nepean! 

Read Marlene Catterall's endorsement of Anita

Marlene Catterall, who was the Member of Parliament for Ottawa West-Nepean from 1988-2006 and who won five elections for Liberals in this riding, today endorsed Anita Vandenbeld for the nomination to become the next federal Liberal candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean. This is what she said:
I am proud to support Anita Vandenbeld as our Liberal candidate for the next federal election.
I know what it takes to win as a Liberal in Ottawa West-Nepean. Anita has what it takes.

I know what it takes to earn the confidence, trust and loyalty of the people of Ottawa West-Nepean. Anita has what it takes.

I know what it takes to represent this wonderfully diverse community, to take to Parliament their voices, concerns and interests and to help achieve their hopes and aspirations for the future of our great country.Anita has what it takes.

In 2011, Anita ran one of the most successful Liberal campaigns in the country.  Running against a high profile popular Conservative minister she did 50% better the Party did nationally, an amazing personal achievement for a first-time candidate. Since that election she has continued to forge the relationships in our community and build the team that we need to win.

In some of the toughest places in the world, Anita has been on the front lines negotiating with leaders at the highest levels, training and supporting new parliaments and new democraciesShe knows what representation means!

There’s no learning curve with Anita. Her Parliamentary experience as a policy analyst, as a political strategist and as Deputy Chief of Staff to the House Leader in the most recent Liberal government, means she will hit the ground running as our M.P.  She will get action on what matters to us.

I have full confidence that Anita will be a great candidate and a great M.P. for Ottawa West-Nepean.

Marlene Catterall,
Member of Parliament, 1988 -2006 (Ottawa West-Nepean)

This is it!!

This is it folks!! It's almost time for the Liberal community in Ottawa West-Nepean to choose their candidate for the 2015 Federal Election.

In just one short week, you can help nominate Anita Vandenbeld to be that candidate!

Over the past months, this blog has chronicled Anita's journey of: reaching out to residents of Ottawa West-Nepean, making connections , building a team and laying the groundwork for a win in the 2015 general election. Anita commitment to public service, her international experience and her impeccable character make her an excellent candidate. Her extensive political experience and deep roots in this riding,  also make her the most winnable Liberal candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean.

The hard work of Anita and her committed team of volunteers will come to fruition on November 2nd! This final push will be crucial in ensuring that we get all of our supporters out to vote for Anita on nomination day. 

You can help!
The Nomination Day is set for Sunday, November 2nd at St. Paul’s High School, 2675 Draper Avenue from 1pm to 4pm. It would be great if you could be available from noon to 6pm that day. It would be excellent if you could come even earlier in the morning, as we’ll need help setting up and decorating. 

Email volunteeranita.nomday@gmail.com  for more on how you can volunteer on nomination day. We'll also need volunteers in this important week leading up to the nomination date!

 The Ottawa West-Nepean nomination contest will be held on Sunday, November 2. I can't tell you how excited I am that we finally have our date. The entire campaign team -- all of us volunteers -- have been working for months towards this.  - Anita Vandenbeld

All hands on deck!

Coming up is the final big push to help nominate Anita to be the Liberal candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean! We have to be on our game from now until the nomination date to build as much support as possible for Anita.

Anita will be a strong voice and an excellent representative for Ottawa West-Nepean. She brings with her international experience, tremendous compassion, a deep understanding of this riding and a proven track record. Not only would Anita make a fantastic Member of Parliament, but her political experience and commitment to engage and connect with residents of Ottawa West-Nepean make her the most electable Liberal candidate in a general election.

All indications are that the nomination meeting will be in October, which means we are in the final stretch!  If you know anyone who will want to vote at the nomination meeting, please make sure to get them a membership now, as the cut-off date is retroactive and could be as much as a month before the meeting.  If you're not sure your membership is current, just go to www.Liberal.ca/memberships and renew your membership, which will be valid from now until the end of 2015.


Summer reading suggestions from the Youth for Anita Team

This week, the  Youth for Anita team would like to share some light political summer reading for you to enjoy.... Happy reading :)

Thérèse Casgrain award disappeared under Stephen Harper government: Editorial

This one is pretty surprising....despite what we've come to expect from this Conservative government. Have a read to learn more about the governments decision to replace the "Thérèse Casgrain Volunteer Award" with the "Prime Minister's Volunteers Awards".

PM Harper risks losing economy as election trump card

Harper's credibility on the issue of the economy is quickly diminishing, and the argument that Harper is a sound economic manager is looking very thin. While Harper has been losing ground on the economy, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is inspiring confidence and building trust with his positive message and vision for Canada which is focused on the middle class. Read L Ian MacDonald's article on why the economy may be one of the many issues going against Harper in 2015.

Here are a  few of Anita's recent picks:

Harper has ignored Canadian ways while destroying our reputation

This is an excellent article that articulates the disconnect between how Canadians view our foreign policy and how it actually is under Harper/Baird. When foreign policy becomes a tool of domestic partisan politics, it leaves the rest of the world seeing Canada as unpredictable and inconsistent at best, and obstructionist and inflammatory at worst.

'Preventing poverty' not a valid goal for tax purposes, CRA tells Oxfam Canada

An active civil society is one of the tenets of a thriving democracy. Going after a world-recognized charitable organization that works with communities at risk in the poorest countries of the world - ostensibly because preventing poverty might be helping someone who isn't actually already poor - would be laughable if it wasn't so serious.

Tribunal can deny in-person appeals in disability benefits case

This Conservative government chooses consistently to undermine the rights of those who already have little voice. This is a denial of basic justice for persons living with disabilities. I know from my own family's experience how intimidating the CPP disability written forms can be - especially for those suffering from head injuries or cognitive or anxiety disorders. What can we do for those whose very disability makes it hard to include all the relevant details in bureaucratic language on the forms? Everyone should have a right to an in-person appeal.

Have an article that you'd like us to share? We want to hear from you. Send us your suggestion to: info@electanita.ca

You can also connect with Anita in any of the following ways:

Web: http://www.electanita.ca/
Facebook:  Anita Vandenbeld for Ottawa West-Nepean
Twitter: @anitavandenbeld 

Everybody knows that no blog is complete without a photo... so here's  one of Anita with friends Celebrating the 2014 Haitian Festival

By-election wins and a message from Anita!

The Ontario election is just over a month old, and since then Team Anita and Liberals across the country have been hard at work. July started off great with two new Liberal MP's being elected in  
Scarborough–Agincourt and  Trinity–Spadina. Team Trudeau also made impressive gains and had commendable showings in Fort McMurray-Athabaska and Macleod.  This fantastic night for Liberals would not have been possible without the hard work of countless volunteers across the country! Thank you! Here's a chart from LPC showing our party's impressive results in the most recent by-elections:

To be sure that we carry this momentum to a big win in 2015, we need to nominate the very best Liberal candidates in each and every riding. With John Baird opting to run in the newly formed riding of Nepean, it's no secret that the race in Ottawa West-Nepean has gotten even more interesting.

Here's a brief message from Anita that I wanted to share as she continues her campaign to become the Liberal candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean:

It was my honour to have been your federal Liberal candidate in the 2011 election.  We did very well - with the second-highest vote in the country for a first-time Liberal candidate in an unheld riding - and we have a strong base to work from to WIN in Ottawa West-Nepean in the next election.  John Baird has already announced that he will be running in a safer riding next time - our hard work is paying off!

As many of you know, nominations have begun for the 2015 election, and I have been campaigning hard, putting together an amazing team of volunteers and signing up new members.  I hope that I can count on your support to be your candidate again.  Read my newsletter, join me for a coffee, give me a call or check out my website at www.ElectAnita.ca.  I would love to have you as part of my team!

Full house for Team Anita!

This is what momentum looks like! It was standing room only at the latest Team Anita volunteer meeting. Anita has a committed team of volunteers who are working hard to help her get the Liberal nomination for Ottawa West-Nepean. The team meets on the first and third Mondays of every month at 7 pm  (email info@electanita.ca for details). We hope you can join our strong (and growing) group of volunteers. 

For the fast and easy way to sign up to volunteer for Anita, check out the volunteer page on her website. 

Here's a few photos from the last Mondays packed meeting:


Website: http://www.electanita.ca/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElectAnita
Twitter: https://twitter.com/anitavandenbeld

Photo Recap for the week!

Hey all!

As you probably know...were nearing the end of a very important provincial election! Ottawa West-Nepean has been well served by Bob Chiarelli, so lets work hard to make sure he is re-elected on June 12th. Its not too late to find out how you can help re-elect Bob Chiaerelli MPP for OWN. Remember, Election Day will require every volunteer!

That being said, we'll start off our photo recap with an Anita selfie , taken shortly after voting in the advanced polls for Bob:

And now some  more photo highlights from the last week:

Anita was honoured  to be a panel speaker at the Universal Peace Federation and Women's Federation of World Peace conference at the Travelodge on Carling Avenue. She spoke about whether Canada is still a model of Good Governance. . As a senior advisor to the United Nations, Anita has traveled the globe and learned first-hand the immeasurable value of our Canadian democracy. Her experience includes counselling the UNDP in Vietnam and authoring a study on womens political participation, working as a technical speacialist on Parliamentary committees in Bangladesh and establishing a political party program in DRC during the 2011 Congolese elections. and Other distinguished speakers included Karen McCrimmon, Monia Mazigh, Senator Mobina Jaffer, and keynote speaker Stephane Dion.

Anita and the  Ottawa West-Nepean Federal Liberal Association out cleaning Copeland Park as part of the City of Ottawa 'Cleaning the Capital' campaign

Some fun with friends (the three Anita's) at the most recent  instalment of the famous OWNFLA 'Politics in the Pub'

Okay this last one wasn't in the past week, but it was too good to not include! Here's Anita some friends at the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa West ,annual Lobster dinner. Lots of lobster, dancing and even a silent auction - and all for a good cause!

'Is Canada A Model of Good Government'

On Friday May 30th, Anita will be a speaker at the "The Conscience of Canada Conference"
, on a panel discussion entitled: 'Is Canada A Model of Good Government'. There is an impressive line-up of speakers, including Stephane Dion as the keynote. Anita will surely draw from her years of international experience promoting democracy and human rights abroad as she weighs in on this important subject . You can register to attend the conference here!

Why Anita will win in Ottawa West-Nepean

Justin is  presenting a positive vision for Canadians​, and building a strong grassroots movement across the country. As a party, we have to be focused on going forward. But going forward does NOT mean forgetting the challenges our party has faced. This includes the results of the 2011 election. 

In an election which saw the lowest number of Liberal candidates  ever elected, Anita and local Liberal's made real progress in Ottawa West-Nepean. Did you know that in the 2011 election, Anita received the second highest  vote percentage for a first time candidate in an unheld riding? With Anita's strong performance in 2011, her impressive experience,  her deep roots in the riding and her commitment to engage with residents of Ottawa West-Nepean, she stands out as the most electable Liberal candidate for a 2015 general election. Put simply, Anita gives us the very best chance of electing a Liberal Member of Parliament for Ottawa West-Nepean!

Here's a chart showing how Anita compares among the past 5 Liberal campaigns in OWN:

Anita has been gaining momentum ever since  running in 2011. She has been actively involved in the riding nearly full-time, speaking to thousands of people in OWN. 

You can help nominate a winnable Liberal candidate in OWN. Email info@electanita.ca, or visit Anita's website for information on how to support Anita and help make real and much needed change in OWN. 

Join Anita for: "Politics in the Pub"!

The Youth For Anita team is pleased to invite you to join Anita at "Politics in the Pub" hosted by the Ottawa West-Nepean Federal Liberal Association.  We are very fortunate to host Liberal critic for Democratic Reform, Sccott Simms. You can find the Facebook event and all the other information  here!

Date: Monday April 28th
Place: Royal Oak in Centrepoint 
Time: 7 pm

The topic of discussion will be Democratic Reform. As you probably know, this is a very timely topic!
The 'Fair Elections' Act has been met with significant opposition from experts on democracy, senior public officials and countless everyday people who care about the state of our democracy. This event will provide a good opportunity to learn about the contents of the bill - both good and bad.

Two articles stand out to me on this subject. The first is Anita's excellent piece published in iPolitics, in which she draws on her international experience to comment on the proposals in the ''Fair Elections' Act:

" Not only does Bill C-23 undermine the legitimacy of Canadian elections, it also has the potential to disfranchise hundreds of thousands of Canadian citizens. This is taking voter suppression to a whole new level. At a time when voter turnout in elections is going down, making it harder to vote can only be motivated by partisan interests — not by any public good.

Once, Canada led the world on open elections and transparent institutions. Canadians need to speak out now before we lose our voice forever" 

-Anita Vandenbeld

The second is an open letter, signed by hundreds of professors across the country:

"Last month, more than 160 professors signed an open letter to express grave concerns about the damage to Canadian democracy that the “Fair Elections Act,” Bill C-23, would cause. Today, we the undersigned, an even larger group of professors who share a deep concern over this legislation, urge the government to withdraw the bill and draft truly fair election reforms based on meaningful consultations with opposition parties, non-partisan experts, Elections Canada and the public. There is no reason to depart from this laudable Canadian tradition for electoral reform."

I encourage you to read both articles, to enjoy your weekend and then share YOUR views on the subject with us at the upcoming "Politics in the Pub".  See you there!

Here's an 'oldiee but a goodie' of Anita with some of her youth supporters:

Team meeting...tonight!

A friendly reminder that TONIGHT, Tuesday April 22nd , there will be a meeting for all Team Anita volunteers. Email info@electanita.ca for the details or sign up on Anita's volunteer page.  If you can't make it tonight, no problem! Signing up on as a volunteer on Anita's website means you will be notified about upcoming meetings.

Volunteering can take many forms. It can be as simple as making a few calls, knocking on doors in your neighborhood or helping to recruit supporters. No matter what your interest , availability or past experience, there are ample opportunities to contribute. Without a doubt, volunteer's are at the core of any successful election campaign. Anita has a committed team supporting her... intent on making change in Ottawa West-Nepean!

We hope to see you there!

After one year with Justin as leader, we have momentum thanks to hope and hard work!

Anita posted this on Facebook, and I wanted to share:

"One year ago today Justin Trudeau became Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. During this past year he has inspired so many people and rebuilt the Liberal party into a real force for change in our country. He has inspired many - like myself - to put our names forward to run in the 2015 election. HOPE AND HARD WORK!"

We've seen great results with Justin as leader - the Liberal vote rising in by-elections across the country and with some of the best fundraising results our party has ever seen - all because Justin and the Liberal team are doing a great job of holding Harper to account and laying out a positive vision to revitalize the Canadian middle class.

Let us know if you want to help Anita be a part of #TeamTrudeau! 

National Volunteer Week!

"This week is national volunteer week. Time to celebrate Canada's 13.3 million volunteers, starting with my own incredibly committed team of amazing campaign volunteers! Thanks everyone!" - Anita 

Do you want to volunteer for Anita? Check out her volunteer page or email info@electanita.ca for information on how YOU can join the winning team in Ottawa West-Nepean. 

Youth, Politics and the 'Fair Elections' Act

It seems that John Baird isn't the only one scared about their prospects in the 2015 election. In case the plethora of recent attack ads against Justin Trudeau didn't make that obvious enough, review of the proposed 'Fair Elections' act suggests an effort to keep even more young Canadians from voting- despite historic lows in youth political participation! A recent Globe editorial sums it up:"[the] Unfair Elections Act targets the youth Trudeau wants and Harper fears".   Over 150 academics, from universities across the country (including two of my professors at Queen’s!) signed a joint letter explaining why :“the government’s proposed changes to our election laws are a threat to Canada’s democratic traditions”.  This is a must read.

As a senior advisor to the United Nations, Anita has traveled the globe and learned first-hand the immeasurable value of our Canadian democracy. We need Anita in Parliament for her expertise and to serve as a strong voice for our democratic institutions. Many young Liberals have given our support to Anita as she seeks the Liberal nomination in Ottawa West-Nepean. Keep following the 'Youth For Anita' blog to hear what young people are saying. In the meantime, check out the 'Youth For Anita' Endorsements page.

We need more young people involved in politics, not less. Youth bring energy, passion and creative ideas; which are crucial for the vitality of our democratic processes.  Alienating ourselves from the political process gives the government a license to ignore our concerns and ideas. Voting and volunteering are ways we can make our voices heard, and to ensure that we are well represented by our elected officials. Consider joining Anita’s team as a volunteer, and help make real change in Ottawa West-Nepean.

Busy week for Anita!

What kind of Member of Parliament would Anita be?

“I am running because I believe that the role of a Member of Parliament is to listen carefully to the voices of people in our community and to reliably represent their ideas and solutions in parliament.

I have spoken to thousands of people in Ottawa West-Nepean in the past few years. You have told me your worries and fears, and some of you have even cried with me. But you have also shared your triumphs and your ideas.” - Anita Vandenbeld

To show how Anita is reaching out to the OWN community, I wanted to recap one of her many busy weeks on the campaign trail:

- On Monday Anita attended the Ottawa West-Nepean Federal Liberal Association Politics in the Pub, discussing policy development in the Liberal Party and how the OWNFLA got THREE resolutions prioritized and passed by the Liberal party.
- Tuesday, Anita spoke about her experiences working with women in Congo at a very powerful event held at the Ottawa Public Library.
- Every Wednesday from 5-6pm you can join Anita at the Tim Horton’s on 2970 Carling Ave. This is always a good opportunity to discuss your ideas, concerns and accomplishments with Anita! Later that day, Anita attended the thought provoking ‘Open Town Hall for Millenials’, hosted by our good friends the Nepean Young Liberals.
- Thursday evening, Anita enjoyed the  OWNFLA wine and cheese with the Hon. Ralph Goodale, who spoke about the economy, democracy and Liberal values.
- On Friday, Anita spoke at the University of Ottawa Equal Voice AGM, speaking to the group about women in Canadian politics.
- Saturday night, Anita and her partner Don attended the Ottawa Muslim Association dinner, enjoying good food and great company.

So there you have it,  a recap of just some of the events that Anita takes part in during an average week!

Want to attend an event with Anita?  Check her Facebook page and website for updates. Email info@electanita.ca for any questions about events that Anita will be attending.

Youth for Anita: Steven Patterson

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, and to say why I'm one of the many young people supporting Anita Vandenbeld for Ottawa West-Nepean. My name is Steven Patterson and I'm  a second year Political Studies student at Queen's University. Politics is  one of the first things I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I'm thinking about when I go to sleep. So its no surprise that I have volunteered on election campaigns before, but Anita  stood out from the start as one of the most committed,  compassionate and thoughtful candidates that I've had the pleasure of meeting.

Anita Vandenbeld is seeking the Liberal Nomination in Ottawa West-Nepean, and I warmly support her candidacy. Anita has a rare blend of  impressive international credentials ,along with the ideal character for someone pursuing public office. To say she's an expert on democracy and human rights is probably an understatement, and her practical experience on the world stage speaks for itself. Beyond that, Anita is friendly, approachable and humble. I know she's in it for the right reasons, and that the people of Ottawa West-Nepean would be well served by her hard work, intelligence and local approach to politics.

Throughout the campaign I will be posting my thoughts on the nomination, political news, information on special events and also sharing the perspectives of other youth who are supporting Anita. Check back here often for updates. I encourage everyone to also check out Anita's Facebook page and official website.

Steven Patterson
Young Liberal
Vice President of External Affairs, Queen's University Liberal Association

- If you'd like to contribute to 'Youth For Anita', or to get involved in the campaign in another way, please email info@electanita.ca or fill out an online volunteer form.

Big Week for Young Liberals

Next week is a busy one for Ottawa Young Liberals, with not one but two great events scheduled!
On Wednesday March 26th, our friends the Nepean Young Liberals will be hosting ‘An Open Town Hall for Millenials’. MP’s Ted Hsu and Scott Simms will be in attendance, answering questions on important issues like post-secondary education, employment and affordable housing. If you’re around, I strongly suggest attending this event– it will be a good chance to meet other local Liberal’s who are passionate about the issues that matter most to youth. Check out the event on Facebook here.

If that’s not exciting enough, we have just received confirmation that Justin Trudeau will be at Algonquin College on Friday March 28th for a  lunchtime Q & A session!   This FREE event is being hosted by the Students Association of Algonquin College, but it is also open to the public. Come and ask Justin a question about something that matters to you.

It’s so great to have Justin in our riding again, listening to what the people of Ottawa West-Nepean, especially young people and students, have to say.  Please share the official Facebook event and spread the word!

We hope to see you at one or both events.

Politics, Pizza and Phoning!

Three of my favorite things...all in one night! Phone banking is one of the easiest ways to get involved and a great way to start. It is incredibly important that we reach out to as many Ottawa West-Nepean Liberals as possible before the nomination meeting. This will not only ensure that Anita gets selected as the candidate, but it will also build a base of support in volunteers, donors and supporters that will be essential to winning the general election in 2015! 

Come and join Anita and her team on Thursday March 20th, 6pm - 9pm, for an evening of phoning, data entry and socializing. Bring your own cell phone or laptop. This will take place at someone's home, so call 613-726-1196 or email info@electanita.ca to get the location.

Are you of those people on Facebook? Me too!! Check out the Facebook event here.

If you can't make it Thursday but still wan't to help out , you can always email info@electanita.ca , call 613-726-1196 or fill out the volunteer form on www.electanita.ca 

Is Baird Scared?

Things just got even more interesting in Ottawa West-Nepean! Did you know that in the 2011 election, Anita received the second highest vote total among non-incumbent Liberals?  Anita has been gaining momentum ever since. She has been actively involved in the riding nearly full-time, speaking to thousands of people in OWN. On the heels of Anita becoming the first  candidate to be green-lit for the OWN Liberal nomination, we learned that John Baird has decided NOT to seek re-election in OWN, in favor of the newly formed riding of Nepean. Frankly, I don’t blame him. Who wouldn't be scared to run on Harper’s record against such an electable and strong local candidate?

Baird’s decision certainly presents an opportunity for us in 2015, but most importantly it highlights the strength of Anita as a candidate and the extent that Justin’s focus on the middle class is resonating with Canadians. More and more I’m convinced that we are on a winning team, and I know that Anita is the candidate to make it happen. Please consider being part of the team and most importantly - start getting excited! There's so many ways for you to get involved from now right up until election day in 2015.  

Check out www.electanita.ca , email info@electanita.ca or call the campaign at 
to get started! 

Anita is green-lit as a candidate for the Ottawa West-Nepean nomination!

Great news! Anita Vandenbeld has been officially approved as a candidate for the Ottawa West-Nepean federal Liberal nomination!

"I am so proud of what our team accomplished in Ottawa West-Nepean in the last election. I received the second highest vote among non-incumbent Liberals in an election which saw the lowest number of Liberals ever elected. Since then, I have continued to listen to the citizens of Ottawa West-Nepean. I am thrilled to have the opportunity before me to seek the nomination again and to work with them to give voice to their solutions to improve our community and our society. I am greatly encouraged by the support that so many have shown for my candidacy. I am also very proud of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for working to improve our democracy by holding truly open nominations. He is also pulling out all the stops in an effort to see that more of the Liberal Party’s candidates are women in 2015. I look forward to giving voice to the interests of all of the citizens of Ottawa West-Nepean in Parliament with Justin as Prime Minister."

Help out with the campaign at http://www.electanita.ca/volunteer
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