The Ontario election is just over a month old, and since then Team Anita and Liberals across the country have been hard at work. July started off great with two new Liberal MP's being elected in  
Scarborough–Agincourt and  Trinity–Spadina. Team Trudeau also made impressive gains and had commendable showings in Fort McMurray-Athabaska and Macleod.  This fantastic night for Liberals would not have been possible without the hard work of countless volunteers across the country! Thank you! Here's a chart from LPC showing our party's impressive results in the most recent by-elections:

To be sure that we carry this momentum to a big win in 2015, we need to nominate the very best Liberal candidates in each and every riding. With John Baird opting to run in the newly formed riding of Nepean, it's no secret that the race in Ottawa West-Nepean has gotten even more interesting.

Here's a brief message from Anita that I wanted to share as she continues her campaign to become the Liberal candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean:

It was my honour to have been your federal Liberal candidate in the 2011 election.  We did very well - with the second-highest vote in the country for a first-time Liberal candidate in an unheld riding - and we have a strong base to work from to WIN in Ottawa West-Nepean in the next election.  John Baird has already announced that he will be running in a safer riding next time - our hard work is paying off!

As many of you know, nominations have begun for the 2015 election, and I have been campaigning hard, putting together an amazing team of volunteers and signing up new members.  I hope that I can count on your support to be your candidate again.  Read my newsletter, join me for a coffee, give me a call or check out my website at  I would love to have you as part of my team!