Young Liberals making the difference across Ottawa!

Young Liberals hit the streets in Orleans today on a beautiful Ottawa day, not a cloud in the sky. In the tight seat of Ottawa-Orleans, Young Liberal efforts like the 100,000 Doors campaign will make a huge difference in tight seats across Canada getting Liberals elected.

We're at the Anita Vandenbeld campaign HQ now, having just grabbed some delicious BBQ, and we're heading out the doors now to go and beat Baird. If you're reading this, stop and head out the door and help elect your local Liberal candidate. Youth can win the day in the fight for a better Canada.

Young Liberals will blitz Ottawa tomorrow!

Big Young Liberal happenings tomorrow in Ottawa.

First, come on out to Orleans for a morning canvass in Ottawa-Orleans (the campaign office is right by the Transitway, easy to get to) and help out David Bertschi as part of the 8 Ridings in 7 days OYL Blitz!

Then head over to Ottawa West-Nepean for the last big push in our efforts to beat Baird!
Join us for a free BBQ and a blitz at 1:30.

Young Liberals will make a difference in Ottawa!

Angry Bairds! Play and share!

The Young Liberals have released a hilarious new game with a special relevance on Ottawa West-Nepean: Angry Bairds!

If you've played Angry Birds or Crush the Castle, you know how to play. Help Harper launch Baird and take on issues like women's rights, the environment, and democracy!

Public Service Alliance of Canada endorses Anita!

Against a government which has intimidated and fired public servants for doing their job, and whose numbers on public service cuts simply cannot be trusted, Anita has worked hard to listen to Canadian families that rely on the civil service for economy security. She has said she will protect the interests of the thousands of families who work in the public service and who form a huge part of the Ottawa West-Nepean community.

Now, the Public Service Alliance of Canada is recognizing Anita's efforts, endorsing her earlier today:

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) is urging its members and the general public to support Liberal candidate Anita Vandenbeld in Ottawa West Nepean when they go out to vote on Monday May 2. The endorsement is the recommendation of the Ottawa Area Council (OAC) of the PSAC.

"Anita supports the union's call for a national childcare program and if elected she is committed to reestablishing pay equity in the public service," said Maria Fitzpatrick, Regional Executive Vice-President of the PSAC for the National Capital Region. "She has promised to protect the public service from cuts, as well as to respect the role that public service workers play across the country."

Vandenbeld wants to stop further corporate tax giveaways to the richest and most profitable corporations and instead wants to use the savings to strengthen our public pension system and our health care system.

There are approximately 59,000 PSAC members in the National Capital Region with over 3,000 living in Ottawa West Nepean

With just days left in the campaign, the PSAC endorsement shows Anita has momentum and is the progressive choice in Ottawa West-Nepean

Knocking Down Harper - New Young Liberal video

Great new video by the Young Liberals of Canada in support of the 100,000 Doors campaign, calling on Young Liberals across Canada to knock on 100,000 doors in the last days of the campaign. Youth have played a huge role in Anita's campaign in Ottawa West-Nepean, and we'll be out knocking on lots of doors and listening to families across our great riding.

Regardless of where you are as you read this, know that you have a Liberal campaign in your riding you can get involved with to make a better Canada. Rise up!

Thanks for watching!

Anita was great in the debate tonight, particularly when she called on Baird to explain why he had personally diverted the tax dollars of Canadian families which had been earmarked for border security to keep them safe were instead used to build gazebos and a fake lighthouse in Tony Clement's riding.

If you missed the debate, you can catch it at midnight tonight, or 9 am Saturday morning.

Less than an hour to go before you can watch the debate!

In just under an hour, you can see how Anita took on John Baird on the big issues in Ottawa West-Nepean. She presented a positive vision of engagement and respect, just as she has throughout the campaign. Make sure to tune in at 7pm on Rogers channel 22, and follow along for live updates from

Watch Anita take on John Baird tonight!

The Ottawa West-Nepean all candidates debate being broadcast tonight, and Anita really took it to Baird on issues like health care, Nortel, and job creation. You can watch Anita show why she would make an excellent MP for Ottawa West-Nepean tonight at 7pm on Rogers channel 22.

We hope you turn in, and let us know what you think of Anita's performance. Baird may be loud in the House, but he's quiet when speaking up for the families of Ottawa West-Nepean on issues like health care and child care.

Commit to vote Liberal!

The Liberal Party has dominated the social media game so far this election, and now it's time to turn that into action! With less than a week to go in the campaign, it's time to commit to vote Liberal and vote for Anita!

You can show your support by following the instructions at, which will hook you up with special profile pics for Facebook, and help you spread the word about the May 2nd election.

So go forth, social media it up, and make sure to commit to vote Liberal on May 2nd!

Check out new endorsements on Anita's website!

Check out right now to see glowing endorsements of Anita from Bob Chiarelli, Marlene Catterall, and former Ottawa deputy police chief Larry Hill!

Last day of advance polls! Get out and avoid the lines!

Today is the last day of advance voting, so get out and avoid the lines!

Pop your postal code into the Elections Canada website and find your advance poll!

Let us know if you need a ride to the polls!

Must see TV! Michael Ignatieff's Town Hall for Canada!

"Michael Ignatieff's Town Hall for Canada" features an up-close-and-personal look at Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party’s plan to strengthen families and defend Canada’s health care system.

You can catch it here in Ontario at 12 noon on Global, and 2 pm on CityTV.

Getting the vote out in Caldwell, making the difference

Busy day on the campaign trail today, the second day of advance voting. With Friday and Monday also being holidays, today was the day to get voters to the polls.

I was out pulling out votes in the Caldwell Avenue area. This is a mixed-income, very multicultural area that traditionally has unfortunately had a low voter turnout. However, the core issues Anita is campaigning on, like strong schools and hospitals, and having a responsive local MP resonate strongly here.

As an individual canvasser, it's also humbling knowing that you're making a difference by going to a place like this. The Conservatives look at at area like this on their divide and conquer micro-targeting sheets, and say "Next!" Liberals look at a area full of diversity and opportunity but seems politically disengaged as an opportunity to listen.

I had dozen of Canadians tell me that this was the first time they had ever seen someone from a political campaign drop by, and how impressed they were with Anita's team for trying to win every vote by listening to every voter.

If even one first-time voter feels engaged in politics, and feels like they deserve an MP who listens to them, and goes and votes, it was worth it.

Vote for Anita today!

The time has come! Advance polls are open and you can go and vote for Anita in Ottawa West-Nepean today!

We sent out information to voters in Ottawa West-Nepean about advance poll locations, but you can check your location here on the Elections Canada website:

Just enter your postal code and it'll tell you where to vote.

If Anita is going to win, youth need to turn out! Youth had the lowest voter turnout on record last election, so it's time to stand up for ourselves and take control of our future! Get out and vote!

Join Michael Ignatieff for a Facebook chat tomorrow!!/event.php?eid=218043994872402

While Harper continues his bubble campaign, Liberals are listening.

Follow the link to leave a question for Michael Ignatieff, or chat live with him on Facebook from 1:30-2:30.

Families and pensioners come second for Conservatives

"Business first, families and pensioners second"

Do you think you deserve to come first?

Ottawa West-Nepean hardest place in the city to find child care

This according to OpenFile, which did a statistical report on child care centres across every Ottawa riding. Infant care is lagging behind other ridings:

While neighbourhoods such as Hintonburg, Civic Hospital and Mechanicsville have few licensed daycares that accept children under 18 months of age, those daycares are generally more abundant in Ottawa Centre—where there are 12 such centres for a population of 109,336.

By comparison, Ottawa West-Nepean has a population of 109,735 and three centres serving the same age group. Each of those three centres—Algonquin College, Woodroffe High School and Municipal Home Care—give priority to certain groups such as employees, students or Ontario Works clients.

When I was out canvassing with Anita last night, we spoke with a man who said he was paying more for child care than he was his mortgage. I joked that I was shocked that Harper's $100 a month wasn't helping him much, and he agreed wholeheartedly, saying it demonstrated how out of touch with working families the Conservatives have gotten. Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better.

Choose your favourite anti-public health care Stephen Harper quote! Follow the link and vote away! The winner will be in a Liberal Party ad.

A DIY Liberal campaign!

Hey, a lot of us are students writing exams right now, or we're working. As much as we'd love to help out great Liberal candidates like Anita Vandenbeld, we're a little busy right now.

That's why I love the Liberal Do-it-yourself campaign pack

It has a few things you can do that just take a few minutes to help out Anita or any other Liberal candidates, like adding a Twibbon (a Twitter ribbon to add to your avatar, for those who don't regularly think in 140 characters), printing out a Liberal sign, and printing out and handing out our national campaign literature about the Liberal Family Pack.

Another important think it mentions is social media! Don't forget to follow us online!

Anita's personal Twitter is!/anitavandenbeld

So print out some signs/literature, and tweet away for a better Canada!

"Rise up Canada!" a great speech from Michael Ignatieff

Powerful words from Michael Ignatieff on fighting "so what" culture. Canadians deserve better.

Here is a great write-up from Macleans:

Join us tomorrow for the nomination of the Hon. Bob Chiarelli and a canvass blitz!

With just 17 days to go before election day, we're having one of the biggest events of the campaign; the nomination of the Hon. Bob Chiarelli, MPP for Ottawa West-Nepean. Join us at Our Lady of Fatima Church 153 Woodroffe Ave. (right across from our campaign office) at 2pm, then head out with a strong team of Ottawa West-Nepean Liberals!

John Baird can't run from his record: Cap & Trade flip-flop

In the Ed Board discussion the other day for Ottawa West-Nepean, John Baird claimed that the Conservatives had always opposed cap & trade. That sounded fishy, and the Ottawa Citizen did a fact check, revealing a flip-flop on John Baird's part. Here's the Conservative throne speech in 2008: "We will work with the provincial governments and our partners to develop and implement a North America-wide cap and trade system for greenhouse gases" Jim Prentice in 2009: "It has been our stated intent, from the outset, to eventually move to a hard cap and trade is our view that a key objective should be a common cap and trade system" Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve an MP and government that will work for the environment and clean air for families to breathe, not John Baird's flip-flops.

Conservatives want to throw out youth votes

I knew the Conservatives didn't want youth to vote, but actually nullifying the ballot? That's what the Conservatives have asked for after a special ballot at the University of Guelph.

No votes cast Wednesday in a special ballot at the University of Guelph should stand, according to the Conservative Party of Canada...The move has generated considerable controversy at the university, home of the first youth "vote mob" encouraging students to vote.

The Conservatives are claiming interference with the ballot box, and many students agree with them. Only problem is, it looks like it might have been the Conservatives who were doing it!

Several University of Guelph students claim Michael Sona, the communications director for Guelph Conservative candidate Marty Burke, attempted to put a stop to voting at the special ballot held Wednesday. The students say Sona approached the Elections Canada balloting site claiming that the process unfolding at the location was illegal and at one point reached for but never took possession of a container with ballots.

“He tried to grab for the ballot box. I’m not sure he got his hand on the box, but he definitely grabbed for it,” said Brenna Anstett, a student, who at the time of the reported incident was sealing her second of two envelopes containing her vote.

Student Claire Whalen was just about to receive her ballot just before 5 p.m. when the episode unfolded.

“That’s when a guy came up and said it was an illegal polling station and that he was confiscating the ballots. And then he tried to take (the ballot box),” Whalen said.

Whalen also identified the man as Sona.

New Liberal ad on health care

Hard hitting Liberal ad on health care.

Watch the Ottawa West-Nepean Ottawa Citizen Ed Board live! Watch Anita take on John Baird live at the Ottawa Citizen editorial board! Just click the link and it'll take you right inside.


(Note: This went out yesterday but between exams and debate prep, we didn't have a chance to post it)

OTTAWA, April 12, 2011 –

Anita Vandenbeld, Federal Liberal candidate for Ottawa West-Nepean, today called on John Baird to explain to voters why he diverted funds from border infrastructure to toilets in Muskoka.

Ms. Vandenbeld is responding to Auditor General Sheila Fraser’s leaked report, which said that the Conservative government had misled Parliament about the spending of a $149.9 million infrastructure fund. Parliament approved the money for reducing congestion and improving safety and security at the border. Instead Baird admitted yesterday that he personally approved reallocating funds to fake lighthouses, gazebos, public toilets and “beautification” projects in a Conservative-held riding 300 kilometres away from any border.

“Mr. Baird should know that this is public money, not his personal fund”, said Ms. Vandenbeld, “If you were given a budget from your employer to spend on one thing, and you use it for something else without getting the approval of the proper authorities, you’d be fired. I think Mr. Baird needs to explain himself to the voters of Ottawa West-Nepean. Elections and democracy are not just a distraction – it is how taxpayers can ensure that money goes where it is supposed to”.

Ms. Vandenbeld is calling for a release of the Auditor General’s final report before the May 2nd election, so that the public can get the whole truth about this misallocation of funds.


Contact: Patrick Storr, Campaign Manager Anita Vandenbeld Campain 613-789-VOTE (8683)

Great youth and Anita support at English leaders debate!

English leaders debate was pretty awesome, we had tons of Anita signs around and lots of great Young Liberals out to rally for us. In keeping with a great tradition, the Young Liberals had some good costumes, including myself as the fake lake, a billionaire for Harper (Monopoly man), a Harper chicken, and Stephen Harper as the King of Corruption and Patronage. It was a great night, and we can't wait for the French debate.

Vote mob video!

Had a great time with hundreds of other Ottawa youth. Looking forward to going to vote!

"I win when you stay home"

New campaign from the Young Liberals of Canada.

Tories misled Parliament on G8 spending blitz

I've said it before on this blog, and I'll say it again: these guys really don't like you knowing how your tax dollars are being spent. While Liberals will invest in families, what was Stephen Harper scheming to spend your money on?

The Auditor-General says the Harper government misinformed Parliament to win approval for a $50-million G8 fund that lavished money on dubious projects in a Conservative riding. And she suggests the process may have been illegal... It reveals that Industry Minister Tony Clement, the mayor of Huntsville and the general manager of Deerhurst Resort chose the 32 projects that received funding – with no regard for the needs of the summit or the conditions laid down by the government.

Canadian families deserve a government that will support them and help them grow, not make $50 million of your tax dollars disappear in a poof of partisan and possibly illegal spending.

Canadian families deserve support now

The Conservatives want Canadian families to wait in line for help after hitting them in the wallet for corporate handouts, warplanes, and sketchy prison scheming. Liberals believe that families come first.

Mr. Harper is making families wait for five years behind out-of-control spending on jets, jails and corporations – and will only help them if he balances the budget,” said Mr. McGuinty. “Even then, he’s only offering to help families that are already well off.” Stephen Harper has never met a single deficit reduction target he’s set, and the Parliamentary Budget Officer and the International Monetary Fund said his deficit reduction targets are just not credible. Stephen Harper took a $13-billion Liberal surplus and turned it into a deficit before the recession hit, en route to the largest deficit in Canadian history at $56 billion. After adding $106 billion to the national debt, he is on track to adding another $200 billion over the next five years. “The Liberal Party will help average Canadian families right away with the cost of child care, post-secondary education, family care, pensions, and cutting high energy costs,” he said. “And unlike the Conservatives, we can keep our promises because our platform is full-costed and credible.”

Click the link for more info.

BBQ & Blitz and Ottawa Vote mob tomorrow!

Two great events for youth going on in Ottawa tomorrow!

First, join Team Anita at our campaign office at 9:30 for a canvass blitz followed by a BBQ for all our volunteers!

Then head over to U of O for the Ottawa answer to all those youth vote videos. Remember, John Baird doesn't even know what a flash mob is!

Looking forward to seeing a great youth turnout at both events!

John Baird might not know what a flash mob is, but we do!

John Baird, in his attack filled press conference a few days ago where he justified the Conservatives kicking political engaged youth out of rallies said that the idea of a flash mob was "disconcerning" and that he didn't know what it was.

Thankfully, we try to be a little more hip to what the kids are saying these days. Seems the whole "listening" thing works better than banning youth.

Come out this Saturday at 4:30 at Taberet Lawn at U of O. Wear red and white, bring Canadian flags. We'll be there!

New Anita website is up!

Check out the shiny new! Has lots of great information on local priorities, Anita's position on the big issues, and how to get in touch with us.

Profile of Anita in The Citizen! Here's the profile of Anita in the Ottawa Citizen, take a read and share!

Youtube video to go with your "Stop Facebook creeping us Harper" profile pic

Stop Facebook creeping us Harper!

Stephen Harper doesn't have a problem with having a 5 time fraudster as a top advisor for 2 years and paying them with your tax dollars:

But if you're Facebook friends with a Liberal? You're outta there!

Change your profile picture to the pic above if you agree that youth should be encouraged to participate in the political process and that convicted fraudsters don't deserve to be paid for out of your wallet.

Conservatives kick youth out for having a profile pic they don't like

We knew the difference between Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper when it comes to listening to Canadians. While Michael Ignatieff has taken thousands of unscreened questions from Canadians (plenty of them from youth), Stephen Harper only takes 4 questions a day from professional journalists.

But now the Conservatives are taking control and showing contempt for the Canadian people to a new degree: Tossing youth out of an event for the high crime of having a Facebook profile picture they don't like.

Awish Aslam, a 19-year-old University of Western Ontario student, said she wept after getting the boot.

"I've never voted in a federal election before," she said. "We just repeated we were only there to listen."

Aslam and a friend registered online to attend Harper's Sunday rally - part of the restrictions the Conservatives place on such events.

About 30 minutes after arriving and signing in, the two girls were asked by a man to follow him out of the rally, Aslam said. Though confused, they complied.

In a back room, Aslam said he ripped off their name tags, tore them up and ordered them out.

"We were confused. He said, 'We know you guys have ties to the Liberal party through Facebook'. He said ... 'You are no longer welcome here.'"

Another attendee, Ali Aref Hamadi, said he was asked by an organizer to leave the same rally because of an NDP bumper sticker on his vehicle.

The ejections are further black eyes for the Conservatives, already taking flak for restricting access to Harper.

Canadians deserve a Prime Minister who will listen to them, and Ottawa West-Nepean deserves an MP who will stand for open government.

Spreading the word at the bus stop

With the Liberals getting plenty of visibility in the Metro today, the Anita team took to the bus stops of Ottawa West-Nepean to spread the word about the Liberal Family Pack, and to introduce hard working Canadians to Anita.

At Lincoln Fields we met with a voter who was so impressed with Anita that he told us he wanted to volunteer, and at Bayshore Anita had a good discussion about the need for strong pensions for all Canadian workers.

The weather might not be the greatest today, but that won't slow us down in the task of delivering an MP who listens.

A great day in Ottawa West-Nepean

Today was our official campaign launch, and it was a great one. Larry Hill, Marlene Catterall and Bob Chiarelli all spoke before Anita and talked about the great work she has done listening to the community.

Anita took the stage to huge cheers, and told everyone how grateful she was for her support of everyone in the room, and how much good work we've done so far. She talked about the importance of running to be the people's representive, and how inspired she has been by the stories of everyday, hard working Canadians. An elderly woman who lives in the house her late husband build for her decades ago, and needs home care. A single mother of three who deserves child care, and education opportunities for her children. A gentleman who had to sell his prized guitar because he lost his job. He deserves a quality job.

After the speech, several canvass teams went out, and our campaign keeps rolling along. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more photos coming soon!

Getting out, listening to the community

Had a great community canvass today with the Hon. Bob Chiarelli, MPP for Ottawa West-Nepean today. Prior to that, Anita was once again at the Tim Hortons at Carlingwood Mall, where she talked with dozens of ordinary, hard working Canadians (3 of whom also brought donations!) about the issues that matter to them, like health care and home care. Listening to the community is such a huge part of the vision and message of our campaign. After 5 years of an MP who seems more interested in yelling at us, Ottawa West-Nepean deserves an MP who listens.

Out on the doorsteps, we keep hearing some of the same stories. Seniors concerned about pensions. Civil servants worried about job security under the Harper regime. Parents who wants to make sure their children get a good education and can take care of their parents. And more and more people who know Anita, and like what she stands for.

We talked to a Revenue Canada employee on Strathmore, fearful about her job security if Harper continues on course toss civil servants on the unemployment lines, and who could speak in a position of some authority that corporate handouts paid for from your wallet won't help the economy.

We talked to a gentleman on Ridley, who said he normally voted Conservative, but agreed with us that after 5 years, it was time for a change. He enthusiastically said we would have his support and said he would take a lawn sign.

The momentum continues to build, and we hope we can see you all come out to the official campaign launch tomorrow:!/event.php?eid=158467804215140&index=1


3 PM


Liberals looking for new ways to listen - great ideas and energy at social media team meeting

Had a great sit down with some volunteers tonight about how to most effectively use social media during the campaign, and in particular, how to use it to better listen to voters. You can always ask us anything on Twitter or Facebook, we want to listen to you. Our Facebook page is:!/pages/Anita-Vandenbeld-for-Ottawa-West-Nepean/117490804958455 Anita's personal Twitter is The campaign team Twitter is Don't forget to follow the Eastern Region Young Liberals too, and Let us know if you want to get involved with our social media team!

Campaign launch this Sunday with the Hon. Judy Sgro!

Come and help out this weekend as your OWN candidate, Anita Vandenbeld, launches her official campaign at 3pm on Sunday, April 3rd at our campaign office (911 Richmond Road).

We have been getting fantastic support from the community and we'll be counting on our volunteers more now than ever. Even if you can only spare a few hours a week we'd love to have you - every little bit helps!

The launch will feature remarks from Anita as well as a special guest: The Honourable Judy Sgro, Opposition Critic for Seniors & Pensions for the Liberal Party of Canada.

We want to have a strong youth team out for Anita, some come join the team that will beat Baird!
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