'Is Canada A Model of Good Government'

On Friday May 30th, Anita will be a speaker at the "The Conscience of Canada Conference"
, on a panel discussion entitled: 'Is Canada A Model of Good Government'. There is an impressive line-up of speakers, including Stephane Dion as the keynote. Anita will surely draw from her years of international experience promoting democracy and human rights abroad as she weighs in on this important subject . You can register to attend the conference here!

Why Anita will win in Ottawa West-Nepean

Justin is  presenting a positive vision for Canadians​, and building a strong grassroots movement across the country. As a party, we have to be focused on going forward. But going forward does NOT mean forgetting the challenges our party has faced. This includes the results of the 2011 election. 

In an election which saw the lowest number of Liberal candidates  ever elected, Anita and local Liberal's made real progress in Ottawa West-Nepean. Did you know that in the 2011 election, Anita received the second highest  vote percentage for a first time candidate in an unheld riding? With Anita's strong performance in 2011, her impressive experience,  her deep roots in the riding and her commitment to engage with residents of Ottawa West-Nepean, she stands out as the most electable Liberal candidate for a 2015 general election. Put simply, Anita gives us the very best chance of electing a Liberal Member of Parliament for Ottawa West-Nepean!

Here's a chart showing how Anita compares among the past 5 Liberal campaigns in OWN:

Anita has been gaining momentum ever since  running in 2011. She has been actively involved in the riding nearly full-time, speaking to thousands of people in OWN. 

You can help nominate a winnable Liberal candidate in OWN. Email info@electanita.ca, or visit Anita's website for information on how to support Anita and help make real and much needed change in OWN. 
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