Harper trying to hide his tough on wallets scheming


Harper continues to hide and mislead Canadian families the truth about how much his hand outs from their wallets to big corporations will cost. From Bev Oda, to corporate hand outs, to prison scheming, the biggest thing about the Conservatives is clear: These guys really don't want you know what they are doing with your tax dollars. And John Baird is the first one to stop you from knowing.

Harper spending your tax dollars for himself


For over two years, it's been impossible to turn on the TV, go online, or walk around town without seeing something for Harper's self promoting ad blitz. That's your tax dollars he's using for those, and new documents show just how deep Harper control and spending of your tax dollars to promote himself went.

"Right from the get-go, images and video of the prime minister were integral building blocks that pre-occupied programmers building the site, according to internal government documents obtained by The Canadian Press...Television viewers have been bombarded since January... it is part of a massive, centrally co-ordinated campaign — critics call it partisan propaganda — orchestrated out of the Prime Minister's Office at taxpayer expense."

"the website...would be used to selectively promote the Conservative government...The government website's partisan and personal promotion of Harper became an issue in the autumn of 2009, when The Canadian Press reported that the site was plastered with literally dozens of Harper photos."

Everytime you see a billboard, an internet ad, the tv blitz, or a radio ad, that is your tax dollars Stephen Harper is taking from your wallet to use for himself. Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better.

Harper tough on wallets, tougher on information

With Conservative MP's saying that YouTube covers of Lady Gaga songs are more important than government accountability and misleading the House, more of the Conservative attitude towards your wallets is coming to light - these guys really don't like telling you what they are doing (or not doing) with your tax dollars.

They mislead and cut like they do with Bev Oda. They stonewall and refuse to give Canadians the information they deserve about their tough on wallets prison schemes. They want to take from your wallets and give to the big corporations, and haven't told you how much it will hit your family budget.

And through it all, John Baird, the PM's pitbull, is there to run cover for Conservative economic messes and misuse of your money. Ottawa West-Nepean deserves better.

John Baird running cover for Bev Oda


John Baird is doing exactly what Harper wants an MP from Ottawa West-Nepean to do. Not to stand up for families and churches in his riding who deserve a straight talking government that is responsible with tax dollars, but to shield a fellow Harper insider who mislead the House.

"...the decision not to fund the agency was taken either at Cabinet or PMO. This leads to a tick-tock, of who ordered what and when. Then you're getting into cover-up territory, a very dangerous place... The government sent in House Leader John Baird, its best attack dog, to tough it out in question period. On Thursday, he praised Oda for "doing the right and courageous thing." In debating this is known as diversionary tactics.

The objective of the government stonewalling was to get to Friday and a week-long parliamentary recess. Maybe with the House out, the furor will die down. Then again, maybe "not."

Make sure the furor doesn't die down by signing the petition: http://petition.liberal.ca/bevodamustresign/

Lying is not ok - Sign the petition


Families in Ottawa West-Nepean deserve better than a Harper government who misleads the House and betrays the efforts of hard working Canadians and church members who supported KAIROS. Stand up for Canadian democracy and sign the petition!

Harper protecting Bev Oda shows true Conservative colours


A Harper cabinet minister willfully mislead the House and has refused to come clean for her actions. While Oda still gets driven around in her taxpayer funded ministerial car with her taxpayer funded driver, the Canadian people have been mislead, and hard working families and churches who take the time and effort to support groups such as Kairos are being disrespected. Canadians deserve better.

Video from Liberals on Ice

Great video from the Liberals on Ice event, it was great to get out on the canal with Liberal friends.


Great new French language song from the Liberals.



Conservative disrespect towards working mothers shows Harper is out of touch

So we've had Conservatives call Nortel pensioners "pathetic" (http://youthforanita.blogspot.com/2011/01/tory-blogger-calls-nortel-pensioners.html) and now Conservative cabinet minister Diane Finley (the wife of Harper backroom boy Doug Finley, who got a partisan Senate appointment) has accused working mothers of not caring about their children by not staying at home.


Liberals are calling Finley’s remark an insult to working Canadian mothers and fathers and a clear declaration of bias in favour of stay-at-home parents — a rarity in Canada, where most mothers with children work.

“For decades we’ve realized that women are working, men are working and the second thing we’ve realized is that there’s a great benefit to children from working and playing with others and learning with others,” said Liberal MP Bob Rae. “The notion somehow that child care is some form of alien abduction is just completely preposterous.”

Anita's mother worked as a kindergarten teacher, so this issue is very personal for her. Statements like this show how out of touch the Conservatives are with the needs and wants of hard working Canadian familes, handing out big corporate tax breaks paid for by the pocket book of Canadians to a real plan to encourage job creation and investments in the social services that Canadian families deserve.

Liberals on Ice: Join us on Wednesday @12:30 on the Rideau Canal to celebrate Winterlude!

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Meet up with Liberal Senators and MPs behind the National Arts Centre, and lace up your skates in celebration of Winterlude 2011.

So, please bring your skates (or credit card, if you plan on renting a pair instead), dress warmly, and join me and the Youth for Anita Team for wonderful event!

Team Anita volunteers protest Larry "cata$trophic pay cut" Smith

The Conservatives have been showing more and more how out of touch they are with middle class Canadian families. Wanting to hand out big corporate tax breaks to companies like Big Telecom which look to reward consumers by hitting them in the wallet and limiting access to the Internet, and today by appointing Larry Smith to the Senate. Smith will get $100,000+ of taxpayer money in the Senate, and he's using it to campaign for a seat in the House of Commons in Quebec. What did Smith say when he joined Harper's Senate? That for him, having to get a paycheque of $132,000 a year on the taxpayer dime was for him a "catastrophic" pay cut. For reference, the median income for full-time workers in Ottawa West-Nepean is under $47,000, according to the soon to be cut census.
Coming out the recession, when hard-working Canadian families are faced with a government that has no plan to balance the books, Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better than Harper's backroom buddies using their taxpayer dime to play politics.

Liberals standing for Canadians families and consumers, not Big Telecom


If you're reading this website and using the Internet in Canada, you need to sign this petition:


Canadian families deserve a government, and Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve an MP, who will stand up for middle-class consumers, not the Big Telecom corporations that would slash your ability to use the Internet while getting a corporate tax break paid for from your wallet.
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