So we've had Conservatives call Nortel pensioners "pathetic" ( and now Conservative cabinet minister Diane Finley (the wife of Harper backroom boy Doug Finley, who got a partisan Senate appointment) has accused working mothers of not caring about their children by not staying at home.

Liberals are calling Finley’s remark an insult to working Canadian mothers and fathers and a clear declaration of bias in favour of stay-at-home parents — a rarity in Canada, where most mothers with children work.

“For decades we’ve realized that women are working, men are working and the second thing we’ve realized is that there’s a great benefit to children from working and playing with others and learning with others,” said Liberal MP Bob Rae. “The notion somehow that child care is some form of alien abduction is just completely preposterous.”

Anita's mother worked as a kindergarten teacher, so this issue is very personal for her. Statements like this show how out of touch the Conservatives are with the needs and wants of hard working Canadian familes, handing out big corporate tax breaks paid for by the pocket book of Canadians to a real plan to encourage job creation and investments in the social services that Canadian families deserve.