For over two years, it's been impossible to turn on the TV, go online, or walk around town without seeing something for Harper's self promoting ad blitz. That's your tax dollars he's using for those, and new documents show just how deep Harper control and spending of your tax dollars to promote himself went.

"Right from the get-go, images and video of the prime minister were integral building blocks that pre-occupied programmers building the site, according to internal government documents obtained by The Canadian Press...Television viewers have been bombarded since January... it is part of a massive, centrally co-ordinated campaign — critics call it partisan propaganda — orchestrated out of the Prime Minister's Office at taxpayer expense."

"the website...would be used to selectively promote the Conservative government...The government website's partisan and personal promotion of Harper became an issue in the autumn of 2009, when The Canadian Press reported that the site was plastered with literally dozens of Harper photos."

Everytime you see a billboard, an internet ad, the tv blitz, or a radio ad, that is your tax dollars Stephen Harper is taking from your wallet to use for himself. Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better.