John Baird is doing exactly what Harper wants an MP from Ottawa West-Nepean to do. Not to stand up for families and churches in his riding who deserve a straight talking government that is responsible with tax dollars, but to shield a fellow Harper insider who mislead the House.

"...the decision not to fund the agency was taken either at Cabinet or PMO. This leads to a tick-tock, of who ordered what and when. Then you're getting into cover-up territory, a very dangerous place... The government sent in House Leader John Baird, its best attack dog, to tough it out in question period. On Thursday, he praised Oda for "doing the right and courageous thing." In debating this is known as diversionary tactics.

The objective of the government stonewalling was to get to Friday and a week-long parliamentary recess. Maybe with the House out, the furor will die down. Then again, maybe "not."

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