Read Marlene Catterall's endorsement of Anita

Marlene Catterall, who was the Member of Parliament for Ottawa West-Nepean from 1988-2006 and who won five elections for Liberals in this riding, today endorsed Anita Vandenbeld for the nomination to become the next federal Liberal candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean. This is what she said:
I am proud to support Anita Vandenbeld as our Liberal candidate for the next federal election.
I know what it takes to win as a Liberal in Ottawa West-Nepean. Anita has what it takes.

I know what it takes to earn the confidence, trust and loyalty of the people of Ottawa West-Nepean. Anita has what it takes.

I know what it takes to represent this wonderfully diverse community, to take to Parliament their voices, concerns and interests and to help achieve their hopes and aspirations for the future of our great country.Anita has what it takes.

In 2011, Anita ran one of the most successful Liberal campaigns in the country.  Running against a high profile popular Conservative minister she did 50% better the Party did nationally, an amazing personal achievement for a first-time candidate. Since that election she has continued to forge the relationships in our community and build the team that we need to win.

In some of the toughest places in the world, Anita has been on the front lines negotiating with leaders at the highest levels, training and supporting new parliaments and new democraciesShe knows what representation means!

There’s no learning curve with Anita. Her Parliamentary experience as a policy analyst, as a political strategist and as Deputy Chief of Staff to the House Leader in the most recent Liberal government, means she will hit the ground running as our M.P.  She will get action on what matters to us.

I have full confidence that Anita will be a great candidate and a great M.P. for Ottawa West-Nepean.

Marlene Catterall,
Member of Parliament, 1988 -2006 (Ottawa West-Nepean)

This is it!!

This is it folks!! It's almost time for the Liberal community in Ottawa West-Nepean to choose their candidate for the 2015 Federal Election.

In just one short week, you can help nominate Anita Vandenbeld to be that candidate!

Over the past months, this blog has chronicled Anita's journey of: reaching out to residents of Ottawa West-Nepean, making connections , building a team and laying the groundwork for a win in the 2015 general election. Anita commitment to public service, her international experience and her impeccable character make her an excellent candidate. Her extensive political experience and deep roots in this riding,  also make her the most winnable Liberal candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean.

The hard work of Anita and her committed team of volunteers will come to fruition on November 2nd! This final push will be crucial in ensuring that we get all of our supporters out to vote for Anita on nomination day. 

You can help!
The Nomination Day is set for Sunday, November 2nd at St. Paul’s High School, 2675 Draper Avenue from 1pm to 4pm. It would be great if you could be available from noon to 6pm that day. It would be excellent if you could come even earlier in the morning, as we’ll need help setting up and decorating. 

Email  for more on how you can volunteer on nomination day. We'll also need volunteers in this important week leading up to the nomination date!

 The Ottawa West-Nepean nomination contest will be held on Sunday, November 2. I can't tell you how excited I am that we finally have our date. The entire campaign team -- all of us volunteers -- have been working for months towards this.  - Anita Vandenbeld

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