The Conservatives have been showing more and more how out of touch they are with middle class Canadian families. Wanting to hand out big corporate tax breaks to companies like Big Telecom which look to reward consumers by hitting them in the wallet and limiting access to the Internet, and today by appointing Larry Smith to the Senate. Smith will get $100,000+ of taxpayer money in the Senate, and he's using it to campaign for a seat in the House of Commons in Quebec. What did Smith say when he joined Harper's Senate? That for him, having to get a paycheque of $132,000 a year on the taxpayer dime was for him a "catastrophic" pay cut. For reference, the median income for full-time workers in Ottawa West-Nepean is under $47,000, according to the soon to be cut census.
Coming out the recession, when hard-working Canadian families are faced with a government that has no plan to balance the books, Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better than Harper's backroom buddies using their taxpayer dime to play politics.