The Conservatives want Canadian families to wait in line for help after hitting them in the wallet for corporate handouts, warplanes, and sketchy prison scheming. Liberals believe that families come first.

Mr. Harper is making families wait for five years behind out-of-control spending on jets, jails and corporations – and will only help them if he balances the budget,” said Mr. McGuinty. “Even then, he’s only offering to help families that are already well off.” Stephen Harper has never met a single deficit reduction target he’s set, and the Parliamentary Budget Officer and the International Monetary Fund said his deficit reduction targets are just not credible. Stephen Harper took a $13-billion Liberal surplus and turned it into a deficit before the recession hit, en route to the largest deficit in Canadian history at $56 billion. After adding $106 billion to the national debt, he is on track to adding another $200 billion over the next five years. “The Liberal Party will help average Canadian families right away with the cost of child care, post-secondary education, family care, pensions, and cutting high energy costs,” he said. “And unlike the Conservatives, we can keep our promises because our platform is full-costed and credible.”

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