Busy day on the campaign trail today, the second day of advance voting. With Friday and Monday also being holidays, today was the day to get voters to the polls.

I was out pulling out votes in the Caldwell Avenue area. This is a mixed-income, very multicultural area that traditionally has unfortunately had a low voter turnout. However, the core issues Anita is campaigning on, like strong schools and hospitals, and having a responsive local MP resonate strongly here.

As an individual canvasser, it's also humbling knowing that you're making a difference by going to a place like this. The Conservatives look at at area like this on their divide and conquer micro-targeting sheets, and say "Next!" Liberals look at a area full of diversity and opportunity but seems politically disengaged as an opportunity to listen.

I had dozen of Canadians tell me that this was the first time they had ever seen someone from a political campaign drop by, and how impressed they were with Anita's team for trying to win every vote by listening to every voter.

If even one first-time voter feels engaged in politics, and feels like they deserve an MP who listens to them, and goes and votes, it was worth it.