(Note: This went out yesterday but between exams and debate prep, we didn't have a chance to post it)

OTTAWA, April 12, 2011 –

Anita Vandenbeld, Federal Liberal candidate for Ottawa West-Nepean, today called on John Baird to explain to voters why he diverted funds from border infrastructure to toilets in Muskoka.

Ms. Vandenbeld is responding to Auditor General Sheila Fraser’s leaked report, which said that the Conservative government had misled Parliament about the spending of a $149.9 million infrastructure fund. Parliament approved the money for reducing congestion and improving safety and security at the border. Instead Baird admitted yesterday that he personally approved reallocating funds to fake lighthouses, gazebos, public toilets and “beautification” projects in a Conservative-held riding 300 kilometres away from any border.

“Mr. Baird should know that this is public money, not his personal fund”, said Ms. Vandenbeld, “If you were given a budget from your employer to spend on one thing, and you use it for something else without getting the approval of the proper authorities, you’d be fired. I think Mr. Baird needs to explain himself to the voters of Ottawa West-Nepean. Elections and democracy are not just a distraction – it is how taxpayers can ensure that money goes where it is supposed to”.

Ms. Vandenbeld is calling for a release of the Auditor General’s final report before the May 2nd election, so that the public can get the whole truth about this misallocation of funds.


Contact: Patrick Storr, Campaign Manager Anita Vandenbeld Campain 613-789-VOTE (8683)