This according to OpenFile, which did a statistical report on child care centres across every Ottawa riding. Infant care is lagging behind other ridings:

While neighbourhoods such as Hintonburg, Civic Hospital and Mechanicsville have few licensed daycares that accept children under 18 months of age, those daycares are generally more abundant in Ottawa Centre—where there are 12 such centres for a population of 109,336.

By comparison, Ottawa West-Nepean has a population of 109,735 and three centres serving the same age group. Each of those three centres—Algonquin College, Woodroffe High School and Municipal Home Care—give priority to certain groups such as employees, students or Ontario Works clients.

When I was out canvassing with Anita last night, we spoke with a man who said he was paying more for child care than he was his mortgage. I joked that I was shocked that Harper's $100 a month wasn't helping him much, and he agreed wholeheartedly, saying it demonstrated how out of touch with working families the Conservatives have gotten. Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better.