It seems that John Baird isn't the only one scared about their prospects in the 2015 election. In case the plethora of recent attack ads against Justin Trudeau didn't make that obvious enough, review of the proposed 'Fair Elections' act suggests an effort to keep even more young Canadians from voting- despite historic lows in youth political participation! A recent Globe editorial sums it up:"[the] Unfair Elections Act targets the youth Trudeau wants and Harper fears".   Over 150 academics, from universities across the country (including two of my professors at Queen’s!) signed a joint letter explaining why :“the government’s proposed changes to our election laws are a threat to Canada’s democratic traditions”.  This is a must read.

As a senior advisor to the United Nations, Anita has traveled the globe and learned first-hand the immeasurable value of our Canadian democracy. We need Anita in Parliament for her expertise and to serve as a strong voice for our democratic institutions. Many young Liberals have given our support to Anita as she seeks the Liberal nomination in Ottawa West-Nepean. Keep following the 'Youth For Anita' blog to hear what young people are saying. In the meantime, check out the 'Youth For Anita' Endorsements page.

We need more young people involved in politics, not less. Youth bring energy, passion and creative ideas; which are crucial for the vitality of our democratic processes.  Alienating ourselves from the political process gives the government a license to ignore our concerns and ideas. Voting and volunteering are ways we can make our voices heard, and to ensure that we are well represented by our elected officials. Consider joining Anita’s team as a volunteer, and help make real change in Ottawa West-Nepean.