While the Conservatives continue to duck and weave about telling you how hard their tough on wallet's prison scheming, this article lays out all the facts about Harper's self promoting on your wallet, to the tune of $20 million. Every poster, every sign, every TV, internet and radio ad trying to make you think that everything is ok is hitting you right in your wallet.

And all this while the Conservatives plan to hand out a big corporate tax break while having no plan to cut the deficit. Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better than Stephen Harper reaching into their wallet to promote himself and hand out breaks to big business when small businesses and middle-class consumers are still feeling the burden of Harper's reckless spending of your tax dollars.

Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve an MP who will stand up for them in tough times and listen to them, not take orders from Harper and his backroom political boys. Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better than a government who takes from their family budget to promote itself, they deserve a government that will give them choice in homecare and ensure that we invest in the priorities families need like jobs and good healthcare. With Anita Vandenbeld, Ottawa West-Nepean will have an MP who listens to families and everyday Canadian concerns.