Once again, rather than stand up for Ottawa West-Nepean families, John Baird is running damage control for Bev Oda, and not telling Canadian families how they are using their tax dollars. Baird is being exactly the MP Harper wants him to be, not the MP Ottawa West-Nepean families need him to be. The Liberals were just chanting "Let her speak!" during Question Period when once again, John Baird stood up and ran damage control for Oda misleading Canadian families and churches.

When the Liberals stand up for Canadian families and their wallets, and demand that the Conservatives come clean, what does John Baird say about Bev Oda misleading the House?

He says she is doing a great job, is courageous, and is doing the right thing. John Baird thinks you not knowing how tax dollars from your wallet are being spent "is the right thing". John Baird thinks misleading Canadian churches is "courageous".

John Baird thinks his real boss is Stephen Harper and the backroom Conservative boys. His real boss are Canadian families, and the people of Ottawa West-Nepean, and they deserve better.