With the Conservatives scheming and political games now exposed by the Federal Court of Appeal, Harper and Baird have been exposed again - they don't like playing by the rules, and these guys really don't like letting you know what they are up to.

Be it John Baird running cover for Bev Oda, saying that her misleading the House, and betraying hard working Canadians and churches who supported Kairos was "the right thing to do", or Harper dismissing accusations that he broke the rules that Canadians are supposed to live by, they are betting on one thing - they think they can get away with it.

They think Canadians don't pay attention, don't care. Just like how they can rule over the highest youth unemployment on record and think that won't matter, because youth won't go vote. Just like how they think they can hide from Canadians the truth about how their tough on wallets schemes and political games is hitting the family budget, when hard working families deserve to know if their government is working for them. Just like how John Baird takes his marching orders from Harper and Conservative backroom boys. He thinks they are his boss, not the people of Ottawa West-Nepean.

We're out in Ottawa West-Nepean, talking to Nortel pensioners (who were dismissed by the Conservative blogs as "pathetic"), seniors worrying about government inaction on pensions, new Canadians who felt the wrath of Conservative attacks on immigrant settlement programs in Ontario, and hard working families who just feel like their MP, and their government, isn't working and standing up for them. Ottawa West-Nepean families deserve better, and Anita Vandenbeld will be an MP who listens to you.