Michael Ignatieff is a Canadian, much the same as you and I. He has a background similar to many Canadians who have come to make Canada their home from another country because they saw the hope and equality of opportunity in our great nation. And he has a vision for Canada:

Anita Vandenbeld's story is another great Canadian story, as the daughter of immigrant parents who came to Canada to make a better life. And they did. She grew up with a determined and hardworking ethic, contributing successfully to both the business and government worlds. She worked at multiple jobs to put herself through school. Her hard work and dedication paid off and brought her to working for the United Nations to promote democracy and women's rights around the world.

Because of this work, Anita knows that you deserve better than this lack of demoracy and believes that you deserve an MP who listens to you, and a government that works for your priorities, defends democratic principles and provides representation for you. John Baird is off defending Minister Oda and the PMO's corruption, scandals, lack of transparancy and accountability instead of listening to the constituents of Ottawa West-Nepean. Even in 2009, John Baird admitted they will "replace accountability with corruption":


In Stephen Harper's own words:

Ottawa West-Nepean and Canada deserve better - Canadians Anita Vandenbeld and Michael Ignatieff are the answer.