Just got back from canvassing Iris St with Anita, with pretty positive results. The issues and concerns that families have on this street really the ones that are important for the riding as a whole. We got more than a few sign requests, and lots of voters agree with us that they deserve an MP who listens to them, not one that just yells at them.

On a more personal level, hearing the stories of individual Canadians and hard-working families really inspired me. Anita spoke to a group of a four young nursing students who were excited to start a life in the health care sector, but were worried about the future of our public health care system. They were very happy to hear that Anita and the Liberal Party will take a strong stand to ensure our health care system will remain public and affordable.

The Conservatives say this election is all about the economy, and plenty of voters agreed - voters like the many civil servants we spoke to who are concerned about economic security for their families with jobs and pensions for public service workers who live in Ottawa West-Nepean at risk under Harper. Anita and the Liberals will be proud of the thousands of hard-working Canadian families who work in the public service in Ottawa West-Nepean, not put them on the firing line just to satisfy Conservative partisans.

Anita is in a campaign meeting right now with dozens of volunteers, then we'll be heading back out talking to (and more importantly) listening to voters and families.