John Baird's legacy as Environment Minister was to waste taxpayer money on attack reports on Liberal plans to clean up the air we breathe and reduce pollution, while demonstrating a lack of leadership and letting our environmental agenda be set by the US. Peter Kent, the new Harper environment minister, looks to be following the same path that John Baird set out: Asking how high to jump when Harper asks, not listening to the concerns of Canadian families that want clean air for their children to breath.

Look at some of the headlines Kent has generated:

Been there, heard that environment speech before-CBC, Jan 28, 2011

New Canada environment minister offers no new plans-Reuteurs, Jan 28, 2011

Environment Minister targets critics in first major speech-Vancouver Sun, Jan 28, 2011 How very John Baird like - target critics, not climate change

Peter Kent sees no pressing need for new climate laws-Globe and Mail, Jan 28, 2011

New minister doomed to disappoint-The Gateway, Jan 27, 2011

Does Peter Kent even care about emissions?-Globe and Mail, Jan 26, 2011

Peter Kent, like John Baird before him, is putting at risk Canada's environment and the health of families and children across Canada and in Ottawa West-Nepean. Canadians deserve a plan to clear the air, not hot air from the new John Baird.