The Anita Vandenbeld campaign will start canvassing this weekend, and we need YOU!

Canvassing is the backbone of a successful campaign. The campaign that does the best job of getting out, talking to voters, listening to them, and get them out to the polls is the one that wins. Period.

Canvassing is also a campaign area in which youth can play a huge role. All it takes is a belief in the candidate you are running for, enough self confidence to knock on someones door, and the ability to talk to a voter about why your candidate will be the best for standing up for the families of Ottawa West-Nepean.

This is a swing riding, and canvassing will make all the difference. The margin to make up is just a little bit under 5,000 votes (which is really not that many in a riding of almost 110,000 people), and when you break this down poll by poll, it really demonstrates how important getting out the vote is. With 252 polls in the last election (and probably a similar number next election), a 5,000 vote Baird victory translates into only 20 votes per poll. Since to win, we need to swing at least half of the 5,000, as little as 10(!) votes per poll could be the difference between winning a defeat.

If we have a youth canvassing team of say, 25 youth, that is only 10 polls each (which really is nothing, on a good day of canvassing you're going to want to do at least 2-3 polls minimum), and if we need to win 5,000 votes, that's only 200 voters per youth, over the whole riding, over the course of the whole pre-writ period and election.

If we want to paint this riding Liberal red, we need a strong youth team to go out and talk to voters and say they deserve a Member of Parliament who will be a voice for the people - not the pit bull for the Prime Minister. If we want to elect a women of such strong experience and ability like Anita, we need a strong youth team to talk to voters and say they deserve an MP with real life experience - not a career backroom politician. If we want a Liberal government to advance the ideas and policies to move this country forward, we need a strong youth team to talk to voters and say that they deserve a economically responsible, forward looking government - not a government that abuses the public trust and your democratic institutions.

We can make a difference - but we need you. Please join us this weekend for canvassing with Anita Vandenbeld.