So after a Tory blogger calls Nortel pensioners let down by John Baird and the Conservatives "pathetic" (see here for more details, and what has become the most read post on this blog: Baird today came out with a spin filled statement:

"I know that my constituents are concerned about the economy, their jobs, their retirement and the financial security of their family."

Well yes, they are concerned about the economy and financial security. Let's take a closer look at the signs held by those "pathetic" protesters:

"John Baird! What are you doing for Nortel retirees?"

Well, here are just some things John Baird and his backroom buddies have done for Nortel, and the economic security of families in Ottawa West-Nepean:

-Had the Conservative Senate (which was just joined by Larry Smith, who complained about having to take a pay cut to sit as a Senator and get $100,000+ of taxpayer money a year to campaign for a Commons seat in Quebec) kill Bill s-216, which would have helped hundreds of families and Nortel pensioners in Ottawa West-Nepean

-Allowed Nortel to be bought out by foriegn companies at fire-sale prices, putting the future of our innovative economy at risk

-Having no plan to deal with the deficit and spending of taxpayer money, according to Kevin Page

-Serving as the bullhorn for a government which saw the highest youth unemployment and underemployment on record

While Baird keeps up his spin, we'll keep knocking on the doors of the "pathetic" citizens of Ottawa West-Nepean and working hard to elect something the people of Ottawa West-Nepean haven't had for 5 years - an MP who listens to them and respects the concerns they have.