This is a great spoof of Harper's new ad in the Prime Ministers Office (leave it to the Tories that the one ad they make that isn't a mud slinging attack-ad is arguably a misuse of official government resources, using the PM's office for a partisan ad)

The issues the video talks about are particularly relevant for youth. The damage Harper has done to our environmental reputation, and the massive mismanagement of government spending turning surpluses into deficits will be paid off by our generation. And Harper and Baird think they can get away with it, because they think you don't care. That's the grand Stephen Harper strategy for re-election. Run attack ads to scare other voters into staying home, and hope that he can get enough of his base out to be able to win another government with 30% support of the population. Youth must step up to the plate, and the best place for youth to play a roll and show Harper that yes, youth do care, and that hope can beat fear, is Ottawa West-Nepean and the Anita Vandenbeld campaign.