Things just got even more interesting in Ottawa West-Nepean! Did you know that in the 2011 election, Anita received the second highest vote total among non-incumbent Liberals?  Anita has been gaining momentum ever since. She has been actively involved in the riding nearly full-time, speaking to thousands of people in OWN. On the heels of Anita becoming the first  candidate to be green-lit for the OWN Liberal nomination, we learned that John Baird has decided NOT to seek re-election in OWN, in favor of the newly formed riding of Nepean. Frankly, I don’t blame him. Who wouldn't be scared to run on Harper’s record against such an electable and strong local candidate?

Baird’s decision certainly presents an opportunity for us in 2015, but most importantly it highlights the strength of Anita as a candidate and the extent that Justin’s focus on the middle class is resonating with Canadians. More and more I’m convinced that we are on a winning team, and I know that Anita is the candidate to make it happen. Please consider being part of the team and most importantly - start getting excited! There's so many ways for you to get involved from now right up until election day in 2015.  

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