Great news! Anita Vandenbeld has been officially approved as a candidate for the Ottawa West-Nepean federal Liberal nomination!

"I am so proud of what our team accomplished in Ottawa West-Nepean in the last election. I received the second highest vote among non-incumbent Liberals in an election which saw the lowest number of Liberals ever elected. Since then, I have continued to listen to the citizens of Ottawa West-Nepean. I am thrilled to have the opportunity before me to seek the nomination again and to work with them to give voice to their solutions to improve our community and our society. I am greatly encouraged by the support that so many have shown for my candidacy. I am also very proud of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for working to improve our democracy by holding truly open nominations. He is also pulling out all the stops in an effort to see that more of the Liberal Party’s candidates are women in 2015. I look forward to giving voice to the interests of all of the citizens of Ottawa West-Nepean in Parliament with Justin as Prime Minister."

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