With the nomination coming up tomorrow, here are 10 reasons why I think she deserves to win the Liberal nomination.

10. She has been a dedicated Liberal for decades, including being an active Young Liberal, serving as president of the University of Calgary Young Liberal club.

9. Her experience with the United Nations and other international organizations to promote women's rights and protect democratic institutions across the world.

8. An experienced political campaigner, Anita will run a strong campaign by listening to the people of Ottawa West-Nepean and taking on the backwards and drifting Baird Conservatives.

7. Anita will deliver for her riding, compared with "Two jobs John" who is busy defending his government's indefensible record on the environment.

6. She understands the importance of our democratic institutions and knows that Canadians can't have good government without an independent public service.

5. She has a great youth team behind her, of course!

4. After 4 years of attack-dog Baird, the people of Ottawa West-Nepean deserve an MP who will stand up for the real people, not attack any dissent on government.

3. She's ran an open and positive campaign, engaging with the membership and embracing the full diversity of the riding.

2. She's practicing what she's preached - after a career of helping encourage women across the world run for elected office, she's taking the plunge herself. We need more strong, experienced female candidates like Anita!

1. She's been a champion at getting youth engaged in politics, with young people across Ottawa being drawn to her campaign to win back Ottawa West-Nepean and build a progressive government.