I've worked on over two dozen campaigns in my time as a Young Liberal, but I would place a select few as holding a dear place in my heart, where I knew without a doubt that I was supporting the right candidate, with the right experience, and the right energy to be elected to office. Anita Vandenbeld's campaign for the Liberal Party of Canada Ottawa West-Nepean nomination is one of those campaigns.

Political campaigns are not the easiest things in the world, folks, particularly when you get to a point where you not only want to help out, but actively play a leadership role. But when you find a candidate who you know deep down you need to help, because they would be a valuable addition to Canadian democracy, suddenly things become a lot easier. Speaking as a grizzled political vet at the age of 22, it has been inspiring to see some many youth get involved with Anita's campaign. For many of them, it is the first political campaign they have ever been involved with, and I cannot think of a better campaign to be involved with. The youth who have been involved with our campaign have gained valuable political experience, and most importantly, been inspired by a candidate who not only talks about building a better Canada, and a better world, but has walked the walk, fighting for democratic institutions and women's rights across the world.

On November 28th, I look forward to helping out, alongside all my fellow youth who have supported Anita's campaign, a real champion for youth engagement and involvement, the next Liberal MP for Ottawa West-Nepean, Anita Vandenbeld.