Summer weather has finally arrived!!  And that means that canvassing with Team Anita is in full swing . Come join us!  The Youth for Anita team has put together The Top Five Things About Canvassing, to show you why this is a great way to be involved:

1) Have a real impact on the outcome of the election! Going door-to-door and engaging with voters will help bring much needed change in Ottawa West-Nepean.

2) Meet great people.  By joining the canvassing team, you'll have the chance to meet amazing like-minded volunteers who share Liberal values and a passion for improving our country. Many great friendships have formed through the shared experience of canvassing! On top of that, it feels great to relax with your fellow canvassers over a drink or a bite to eat after a few hours of hard work.

3) Team canvassing is  great opportunity to get to know our amazing candidate Anita... Need I say more?

4) Get the chance to talk politics! Let's face it, we all love politics. And if you're reading this blog- you definitely love politics. One of the best things about canvassing is the fascinating conversations you have with voters at the door.  If you take the time to listen to their concerns and issues, you're guaranteed to learn something new and unexpected every time you canvass.

5) Great exercise. Walking and Knocking, is a fun way to stay active over  the summer months. And we all know how important that is!

The best part about joining Team Anita, is that getting started is easy! Check out our canvassing schedule:

Tuesday: 6 - 9 pm
Wednesday: 12:30 - 3:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 1-5 pm

All you have to do is drop by our campaign office, located at 373 Poulin Avenue (below Farmboy), half an hour before any of  these times to get started.

Trust me, it  was tough to compress this list down to five reasons. If we could add one more, its that canvassing is  a no experience necessary form of volunteering. The campaign team will set you up with all the materials, training and information you need to have a great canvassing experience. Any questions? Want to hear 5 more great things about canvassing? We want to hear from you:

Phone: 613 - 726 - 1196

BONUS #6) And we promise the weather will be much nicer than this now!